Friday, February 03, 2006


Any Good HDTV Monitor Reviews?

I'm looking to buy an HDTV monitor, but I'm behind the times on the pros and cons of DVI vs. HDMI, LCD vs. plasma, and so on. Does anyone have any pointers? Please leave me a comment if you do!

A few weirdisms I've found:

Burn in. Plasma seems the worst for this, but LCD does it too. Some of the newer monitors have circuitry to prevent this, but I don't know if it works. We have monitors at work barely a year old and you can clearly see "Windows" as a shadow on them when they're turned off.

Rainbowing. This was new to me. DLP (digital light processor) based displays get this. Not a problem on a monitor, but can occur on projection systems. Most of these systems use a white light and a spinning color disk (RGB). Kind of sounds like something out of the 1600's but it works. What can happen is if you turn your head you see a "rainbow" out of the corner of your eye. Your eye motion mixed with the spinning disk means the three colours spread across your retina and you see this effect.

It only happens as you move your head, but it really drives some people nuts.

Diming: the backlight gets weak over time. After a couple of years it will be dim enough you'll notices, but there is really nothing you can do. Once the backlight is gone, the monitor is trash. Some web sites show how to repair such a monitor yourself. Looks like a lot of work.

Thanks for the tips, Al!
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