Saturday, July 11, 2009


Painful Integration

I'm not sure I like Simplaris. It doesn't post to my wall as I thought it would. It does allow me to post to my wall manually, but it's a pain. I have to manually "blogcast", then go to Facebook to click on an orange icon beneath the "What's on your mind?" sharing doodad. I think it's easier to use a "share on facebook" bookmarklet.

I'm disappointed...

Does anyone know of something better?

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Blog to Facebook Integration

I just found a way to integrate my blog with Facebook. Now I can share links and thoughts with more than just my friends on Facebook!

The name of the application is Simplaris Blogcast. What it does is read an ATOM feed from my blog and post entries from it to Facebook. Not only will it post to my Facebook wall, it will also post to a box on my info and / or profile pages. I can configure it so it will automatically post, or so I can select which blog entries to post. For now I've chosen the latter.

You could use someone else's blog feed if you want, but if people don't like the blog you choose, you might get blocked from your friends' walls!

or RSS feed for people who don't know any better--but now you do!

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Tuesday, July 07, 2009


FirefoxOS Redux

Woohoo! What I predicted back in July 2006 may be coming true! My original blog entry says:

I think Firefox is well positioned to provide this functionality, and that it may very well become a next-generation operating system.

Think about it. Firefox provides access to your keyboard, screen, files, network connections, and high-level Web content through an abstraction layer on top of heterogeneous operating systems (i.e., Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux). I want to use that abstraction layer from programs!

The article I just read says:

some inside Redmond's walls argue that the Web browser needs to start acting more like an operating system

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