Friday, February 03, 2006


Verizon Card Strangeness

It seems Verizon doesn't have coverage everywhere, even when there is a strong 3G signal. I'm sitting at my in-laws with 4 bars of signal, but it's complaining about my username and password. I don't even have a way to enter a username and password!

This started happening when I was about 30 to 45 minutes away from their house. At least my in-laws have broadband!

I got your question about posting off-topic before blogger server problems ate it.

Just do what everyone does... post on the current article. If it's way off topic, the blog owner can always delete such posts once they've been read, afterall.

My direct email is in the footer of my blog if you prefer. Since blogger seems to be having some *serious* problems right now with a good chunk of blogs (including mine), you may wish to use that.
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