Monday, March 27, 2006


Check Your Brain Speed

Here's a cool little MacroMedia Shockwave program that supposedly tests your brain speed in about 10 minutes.

It juxtiposes two shorter and shorter sounds that either sweep up or sweep down. You have to think about what you hear and then click the up or down buttons in the pattern you think you heard. It's kind of like playing that old game of Simon, where you push the buttons in the order you think you heard them.

The score seems to get better the more you try it. I got 31ms the first time and 29ms the second time. I think I could do better because I sometimes had the feeling that I was pressing the wrong button, and it really was wrong.

I wonder if being a musician helps. I think it would be interesting for people to leave (anonymous if desired) comments with their score and whether they are a musician or not.

29 ms, 41 year old musician here.
25ms, 26yo, musician
22ms, 53 year old strummer here
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