Sunday, April 23, 2006


How Transistors REALLY work

Finally, an alternative explanation of the transistor I really understand! It straightens out some misconceptions I've had (from other reading I've done in an attempt to understand) about electricity being like water moving through empty pipes and batteries supplying the water.

I also discovered that there's a name for my preferred learning style. It's Babylonian, where concepts are more important than equations.

Thanks for that :-)
Also see the entire collection of "alternate electronics" articles at
With regard to the Babylonian vs Euclidean thing, I will certainly agree that there are (at least) two approachs. (I could easily argue that there are more than that.) However, the denigration of the Euclidean approach bothers me a bit. Just as Jim (and presumably the writer) learn better with a Babylonian approach, some folks do learn better with a Euclidean approach. And the comments of the writer to the contrary, for some people such an approach is indeed the best way to understand something.
Here is something that leads to the next level or a Transistor...a memristor "they have discovered a fourth fundamental passive circuit element — one that fills in a gap in the basic equations that describe the relationships between voltage, current and magnetic flux."

to hear the full story on NPR here is a link
Thanks for the link!
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